Enforce your border with RimSEE Intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance integrated multi domain system

RimSEE is a comprehensive and adaptable multi-domain system for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) that is designed to be portable and integrated. It offers a range of capabilities for border protection, rural monitoring, and support for special operations. RimSEE provides real-time situational awareness and aerial mapping of potential threats through features such as target detection, identification, and recording with various markers for area of interest mapping. It also includes tracking and monitoring of specific targets in designated areas, intelligence-fused data registration, user interface with manual and automated analysis workflows, target validation for engagement, fast detection and identification of multiple targets, C2 (command and control) capabilities for controlling multiple sensors in fixed or mobile positions, vehicle integration for on-the-move operations, and creation of automated rules such as geofencing and target behavior.


  • Multy sensor modular reconnaissance system.
  • Centralized or decentralized SW mode of operation 
  • Data collection and fusion from various sensors (IMSI/EO/IR/ RADAR).  
  • Targets validation for minimum collateral damage upon engagement.
  • Fast detection and identification of multiple targets 
  • Remote operation mode.
  • Portable, mobile or fixed post integration.
  • Creation of automated rulings as geofencing and target behavior  


  • Enhanced COMMINT Sensor achieving enhanced RF capture distance.
  • Direction Finder Array supporting multy sensors for accurate location
  • Movements monitoring while continuously monitoring area of interest.
  • Fully situation awareness picture display 
  • RADAR – Automatic Target classification (human/vehicle/drone)  
  • Fully controlled by a single operator
  • Fast response team – drone or precision attack 
  • Deployable in various mobile platforms
  • Creation of automated rulings as geofencing and target behavior